David Cho

Associate Partner

David Cho is an Associate Partner in the Advanced Technology and Private Equity practice groups based in the firm’s Seoul office.

David has proven success at supporting organizational growth and employee retention by helping businesses improve and streamline their strategies and initiatives. Involved in the hiring process from the beginning, he immerses himself in the organization and culture to fully understand the organization’s infrastructure and create solutions that result in growth and stability. David works directly with teams across multiple departments including internal recruiting to address any talent issues and create strategies that better align with business objectives.

Prior to joining DHR, David worked at a local search firm in Korea, successfully performing numerous tasks in areas including finance, sales, marketing, and engineering across various industries including web technology, global information technology, consumer, and retail.

David enjoys networking and being able to help top talent plan the right career path for themselves. Before jumping into executive search, David served as CEO of Forza Motors Korea (FMK), an Italian luxury auto brand importer, and as Country Manager of Double A.

David holds a bachelor’s degree in applied behavioral science with an emphasis in urban planning and policy from the University of California, Davis.

  • Board Services
  • Executive Coaching
  • Executive Search