Justin Hirsch

Chief Executive Officer and HR Practice Group Leader, Jobplex

During his 24 years in HR executive search, Justin has successfully managed hundreds of mid- to senior-level placements for Fortune 1000 clients across all industries. He is known for exceptional client service, sharp business insights, and a deep expertise in candidate assessment and development.

Justin’s clients include HR executives who value his unparalleled ability to partner with them to identify the ideal candidate’s profile, attract and present top-tier candidates. He is an advisor in selecting leaders who meet the position requirements and will thrive in the company’s culture and business climate.

During his tenure, Justin has substantially grown the firm in the U.S. and driven expansion into Canada, Latin America and Europe. His ability to identify and recruit high-potential individuals has resulted in the successful build-out of Jobplex with the assistance of his exceptional leadership team. He invests significantly in both the partner and the associate level population and takes the time to coach and mentor them, while maintaining several key accounts and recruitment projects.