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Join our Ellipsis Platform!

Ellipsis has served as a highly important vehicle which allows Hunt Scanlon to effectively manage your firm’s editorial content and social media and acts as a key resource tool for prospective clients. Ellipsis allows us to handle all or most of your branding and content management each year and for a very reasonable rate of $1950. With over 250 search firms representing more than 3000 global recruiting specialists and a 97% renewal rate, the value of this platform is continuously evident!


As a valued member of Ellipsis, Hunt Scanlon Media’s editors and writers will work with you and your team to develop at least six major stories on your firm annually. These may include, but not be limited to, selected placements your firms has made; key professionals joining your firm; the expansion of your firm, or any new study or survey that we can develop into a substantive piece. We will also include your comments in feature stories we write that include other top professionals. Browse through our Daily Newswire archive for example content.

Search Engine Optimization

All of our content shared through the Ellipsis platform gets ranked #1 on google. This archiving of editorial, including showcasing the assignments you have successfully completed, reaches our 365,000 subscribers each day, both through Hunt Scanlon and Google. Seventy-two percent of our subscribers are corporate or on the client side. Furthermore, by backlinking this content to your site, your firms Google ranking and own organic traffic will increase tremendously.

Social Media

Your Ellipsis membership will also include our taking all of the stories we write on your firm and re-cast them for LinkedIn where we maintain a following of 195,000.

Key Resource For Clients

We very heavily promote Ellipsis to millions of clients in the aggregate each year through various promotional campaigns which drive traffic to the platform. The easy to use and navigable query section allows the end user to sort by industry, function, geographical reach and many other filters: Executive Search Firm Directory – Ellipsis (huntscanlon.com). This helps to refine the query making it easier to select a firm that best fits a client’s needs. 

Questions? Send us an email to learn more.

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Rate: $1950(for 1 year)