John Martin

Managing Partner, Jobplex

John serves as a Jobplex Managing Partner working with corporate and nonprofit clients. Based in Charlotte, he is committed to helping organizations drive their strategy and growth through talent.

As an executive search advisor, Martin has led hundreds of searches ranging from Manager/Director to Vice President and C-suite roles. He works extensively with leading Fortune 500 companies, such as, Amtrak, CHS, Deere, Honeywell, Kohler, and Owens Corning. He is also committed to serving mission-driven organizations, from public-private partnerships to the social services sector.

Working across industries, John finds next-generation leaders for corporate roles, such as human resources, finance, information technology, marketing, operations and sales. Known for his excellent communication skills and strong work ethic, his clients trust that he will work tirelessly to find the ideal candidates, accurately assess capability and cultural fit and advise them in selecting the right leader.

John holds a Bachelor of Administration in Business with an emphasis in finance from the University of Northern Colorado.