Our job is two-fold: keeping abreast of universal governance and understanding the unique challenges facing each CEO and board of directors. Our Board & CEO Practice Group has conducted board of director and CEO assignments for public and private companies across the breadth of industry sectors and market capital size. This significant domain knowledge and functional expertise is coupled with geographic and cultural affinity in each marketplace to ensure DHR builds the right engagement team and is your partner of choice in each unique assignment. Our Board & CEO Practice Group combines seasoned executive search consultants — who are members of prestigious and influential boards — with industry thought leaders with deep expertise in our clients’ specific business models. The insights and perspectives gained in these roles allow our consultants to serve as valuable resources in the execution of board of director and CEO searches. Leveraging this experience, our consultants have come to recognize that the key elements in a successful board and senior executive team include: cohesion, trust, respect, diversity of opinion and capability, and chemistry.

Practice members

Danny Abiri Partner, Life Science Bio
James Abruzzo Managing Partner, Global Nonprofit Practice Bio
Bryan Arthur Managing Partner, Canada Bio
John Baker Managing Partner, Global Life Science Practice Leader Bio
Ghislain Brun Associate Partner Bio
Dwain Celistan Managing Partner, Diversity Practice Leader Bio
Vikram Chhachhi Managing Partner, India Bio
David Cho Partner Bio
Susan Cooper Managing Partner Bio
Eric Dieny Partner Bio
Sal DiFranco Managing Partner, Global Advanced Technology Practice Bio
Supriya Dikshit Managing Partner, Asia Pacific Life Science Practice Bio
April Drury Chief Talent Officer Bio
Caroline Edwards Managing Partner, Hong Kong Bio
Pierre-Jean Françon Managing Partner, Asia Pacific Retail and Consumer Practice Bio
Sara Garlick Lundberg Managing Partner, North America – Nonprofit Bio
James Gates Partner Bio
Joan Gee Managing Partner, Healthcare Services & Solutions Practice Bio
Keith Giarman Managing Partner, Global Private Equity Practice Bio
Christine Greybe President, Leadership Consulting Bio
Patrick A. Haberland Managing Partner, European Life Sciences Practice Bio
Ayman Haddad Managing Partner, Middle East and Africa; Managing Partner, EMEA Financial Services Practice Bio
Daniel Hall Managing Partner, London Bio
Scott Harris Managing Partner, St. Louis Bio
Jonathan Hoyt Partner, Leadership Consulting Bio
Paul Hudson Partner Bio
Christopher Knipp Managing Partner, Dallas Bio
Kristi LeBlanc Managing Partner, Global Consumer & Retail Practice Bio
Mike Lim Managing Partner, China Bio
Tricia Logan Managing Partner, Global Consumer & Retail Practice Bio
Jian Ma Managing Partner Bio
Mike Magsig Managing Partner, Global Board & CEO Practice Bio
Rod Malcolm Managing Partner Bio
David Merwin Managing Partner Bio
David Nagy Managing Partner, Asia Pacific Industrial Practice Bio
Martin Nass Vice Chairman & Partner, Global Real Estate Practice Bio
Helen Park Partner Bio
Lorenz Pestinger Executive Vice President, Finance & Strategy Bio
Pat Richter Advisor Bio
Marcey Rubin Stamas Managing Partner, Global Consumer & Retail Practice and Chicago Office; North American Executive Committee Member Bio
James L. Schroeder Managing Partner, North American Financial Services Bio
Bonnie Sharps Managing Partner Bio
Robin Singleton Managing Partner, Healthcare Services & Solutions Bio
Jennifer Skylakos Managing Partner, Sustainable Infrastructure & Energy Funds Bio
Frank Smeekes Managing Partner, Europe Bio
Frank Spencer Vice Chairman & Managing Partner, New York Office Bio
Johannes Suciu Managing Partner, European Private Equity Practice Bio
Glenn Sugiyama Managing Partner, Global Sports Practice Bio
Naomi Tachibana Managing Partner, Tokyo Bio
Rob Tillman Managing Partner Bio
Philippe Tirault Managing Partner, Korea Bio
Lisa Walker Managing Partner, Global Industrial Practice Bio
Maryanne Wanca-Thibault, Ph.D. Partner, Leadership Consulting Bio
Patricia Watters Managing Partner Bio
Kevin Weiss Partner Bio
Shannon Yin Partner Bio