Diversified Search Group


Christopher W. Hunt
Advertising inquiries for all industry studies and newsletters, please contact:
Email: chris@huntscanlon.com
Direct Dial: (203) 252-7302

Scott A. Scanlon
For editorial inquiries, please contact:
Email: scott@huntscanlon.com
Direct Dial: (203) 252-7203

Dale Zupsansky
For newswire inquiries, please contact:
Email: dale@huntscanlon.com
Direct Dial: (719) 644-0263

Michael Hawkins
For advertising inquiries for website, Ellipsis, and special events, please contact:
Email: michael@huntscanlon.com
Direct Dial: (203) 496-2009

Erik Boender
For all accounting, leadership reports, and research questions please contact:
Email: erik@huntscanlon.com
Direct Dial: (203) 321-5115

Paul Silverfarb
For Inquiries about Social Media, please contact:
Email: paul@huntscanlon.com
Direct Dial: (203) 985-5605

Stephen Sawicki
For editorial inquiries, please contact:
Email: steve@huntscanlon.com
Direct Dial: (425) 252-8381