Diane Massé

Candidate Partner

Diane has an extensive international experience in recruitment, communication and professional social relations.

Since 2018, Diane has been working in the recruitment & sourcing business and specialized in the information technology market. Her approach focuses on enhancing candidate experience, listening to new trends and implementing HR best practices.

Prior to that, Diane was an editorial specialist within an agency specializing in employer-union relations. She contributed to social relations improvement within many companies from different sectors. Diane also assumed the position of training lead in the same company, where she trained and supported new employees.

Diane began her career in France in communications agencies where she acquired the rigourous methodology she is still applying today in sourcing and recruiting the best candidates.

A mother of three, Diane holds a master’s degree in communication and politics from Paris VIII University and a bachelor’s degree in human resources management from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers in Paris. Diane is also a graduate of the Ecole du recruitment in Paris.