DHR International’s Advanced Technology Practice recognizes that our clients seek thought leadership, innovation and the ability to anticipate emerging trends and respond quickly to rapidly changing market conditions. Whether your company is driven by technology, or can gain a competitive advantage through its application, the decision to find new talent is paramount to your company’s growth and performance. DHR International profoundly understands the critical nature of this process, so our consultants work collaboratively, drawing from the best and most appropriate skills to identify the highest quality candidates for your assignment. Our global perspective and broad base of experience, allows us to develop a thorough understanding of your company’s requirements. Through our comprehensive analysis, market insight and industry knowledge, we reach across borders to link the ideal candidate with your company’s operational and cultural needs.

Practice members

Bryan Arthur Managing Partner Bio
Naoya Atarashi Consultant Bio
Lindsay Bray Landsberg Executive Senior Partner Bio
Ghislain Brun Consultant Bio
Disha Chawla Associate Partner Bio
Simon Chinn Consultant Bio
David Cho Associate Partner Bio
Diane Coletti Managing Partner Bio
Eric Dieny Partner Bio
Sal DiFranco Managing Partner Bio
Supriya Dikshit Managing Partner Bio
Jeanne E. Branthover Managing Partner Bio
Julia Eakes Senior Partner Bio
Julian Ehrhardt Consultant Bio
Charlie Fang Managing Partner Bio
Pierre-Jean Françon Managing Partner Bio
Joseph G. Christman Executive Vice President and Managing Director Bio
James Gates Consultant Bio
Keith Giarman Managing Partner Bio
Christine Greybe President Advisory Services Bio
Daniel Hall Partner Bio
Mark Hu Partner Bio
Paul Hudson Partner Bio
Minkyo Kim Partner Bio
Serge Lamielle Consultant Bio
Mike Lim Managing Partner Bio
Martin M. Pocs Vice Chairman Bio
Jian Ma Managing Partner Bio
Jose Martinez Consultant Bio
Pravesh Mehra Managing Partner Bio
Albert Sim Partner Bio
Naomi Tachibana Managing Partner Bio
Rob Tillman Managing Director Bio
Kevin Weiss Partner Bio
Shannon Yin Associate Partner Bio