SOI 2024

Hunt Scanlon Media’s2024 Executive Recruiting State of the Industry Report Part I

2023 was a challenging year for executive recruiting, marked by a double digit downturn that has sent ripples through the industry. The global economic slowdown, catalyzed by geopolitical tensions and rising interest rates, led to cautious client spending across the hiring spectrum. Among the most affected was the private equity industry – a major feeder of job mandates for executive search firms – which faced a particularly difficult year.

This exclusive report goes inside the latest thinking with industry experts to examine how search firms are preparing for the future. 

Seize the opportunity to stay steps ahead in the evolving executive recruiting landscape. Elevate your strategies and empower your decisions for the upcoming year with our in-depth report. If you are an executive recruiter, talent leader, human resources professional, or in-house recruiter, this report is designed specifically for you.

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