Rebecca Lynch


Dr. Rebecca Lynch has an innate tenacity that allows her to shine during challenging situations. Perhaps that stems from when she was an emergency room radiologic technologist who simultaneously carried a full teaching load at the nearby junior college. Maybe that quality was honed when she left her position at a renowned university in Pennsylvania to help kickstart a rural Texas community college’s healthcare program. Truthfully, it’s a trait she’s always had, and higher education and healthcare provide her with opportunities to thrive. Now a Consultant with Academic Search, Dr. Lynch is sharing her rich experiences and knowledge in new ways to help her do what she loves: impact future generations.

Dr. Lynch earned her Associate of Applied Science degree in radiologic technology and biology from Robert Morris University and began working in emergency orthopedic radiology. She later became a university healthcare program director, a hospital education vice president, and more, and she now holds a bachelor’s, two master’s degrees, and a Ph.D. Throughout her career, Dr. Lynch’s positions and experiences taught her the importance of supportive guidance, compassion, and empathy. She understands how a single conversation can affect a person’s morale and how effective leadership can impact an institution. She is deliberate in her consulting work and is dedicated to finding the best candidates for every search.

After a mentor suggested she consider instructing clinical courses, Dr. Lynch discovered a passion for teaching that she continues to practice today. She has a deep affinity for community colleges in rural communities, which is why she’s been committed to supporting South Texas College since the mid-1990s. Located in McAllen, just 10 miles north of the United States-Mexico border, STC first hired Dr. Lynch to direct the Radiologic Technology Program, and today she serves as an adjunct professor in the Bachelor of Organizational Leadership program. Teaching allows Dr. Lynch to see first-hand the opportunities that higher education presents and how a degree can improve a person’s trajectory.

As a Consultant, Dr. Lynch is committed to helping colleges and universities support their missions by finding them find exceptional applicants and future executive leaders. Considering her experience as a student at large universities, her director tenure at Penn State, and more than 30 years of teaching at community colleges, Dr. Lynch has a wealth of expertise in many areas of higher education to rely upon in her work with Academic Search.

While actively involved in administrative roles, Dr. Lynch has also served on numerous advisory boards for academic, technical, and community workforce education. She has presented at various profit and non-profit businesses and industries in organizational leadership, culture, and change.