Dorothy (Dee Dee) Campbell

Senior Consultant

Dr. Dorothy (Dee Dee) Campbell thrives on accepting challenges and exploring new locations. From applying to a magazine ad to teach in Germany to spending the latter part of her career filling interim positions across the country, Dr. Campbell sees every new experience as an opportunity to learn and grow. As a senior consultant, Dr. Campbell is applying her impressive depth of knowledge to executive searches and expanding her impact in higher education.

Dr. Campbell progressed in education on the faculty side, first as a junior high and high school teacher in Missouri and later as a tenured Professor in the Department of Communication at Indiana University Northwest. While teaching at a two-year college early in her career, Dr. Campbell’s mentor, Dr. Anita Taylor, recognized her innate drive and encouraged her to pursue her doctorate and advance as an educator. Dr. Campbell went on to become a valued voice in business and interpersonal communications and gender studies and a respected leader in an array of executive positions.

During her 30 years at Indiana University Northwest, Dr. Campbell was named Chair of the Communication Department, President of the Faculty Organization, Dean of Arts and Sciences, and interim Vice President of Academic Affairs. Dr. Campbell is also a published author and has written more than 25 refereed publications and 35 research papers. She has a particular affinity for diversity and inclusion, and is committed to supporting all potential leaders, including those who may be overlooked. Dr. Campbell’s book, Leadership and Diversity in Higher Education: Communication and Actions That Work, shares her expert knowledge on increasing leadership power, conflict management, how to run job searches, and more.

For eight years, Dr. Campbell took on the exciting yet challenging task of filling interim positions with the Registry. This opportunity saw Dr. Campbell become Interims as: the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs at the Texas A&M University System-College Station; Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Frostburg State University; Dean of the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Nevada State University; and Provost at New Mexico State University. Dr. Campbell’s proactive nature shined in these term roles. She successfully implemented strategic initiatives; served on Boards; helped create academic programs, including Ph.D. degrees; managed multi-million budgets; hired more than 120 administrators, faculty, and staff; and resolved faculty and enrollment issues in a faculty-involved, and student-centered way.

The interim experience also allowed Dr. Campbell to hone her ability as a fast learner and quickly recognize the areas in which an administration needs attention. That experience is proving invaluable as she excels as a senior consultant, and every search is an opportunity for her to support the next generation of leaders and students.