Michael C. Maxey

Senior Executive Coach

Mr. Michael C. Maxey served as President of Roanoke College for fifteen years. Prior to his presidential service, he worked at Roanoke for twenty-two years in various areas including marketing, recruiting, alumni relations, strategic planning, and fundraising. During his higher education career, he has worked in academic affairs, student affairs, business affairs, information technology, and various external affairs capacities. Mr. Maxey has worked at four colleges and universities, both public and private.

He approaches his coaching from the perspective of helping presidents achieve their and their institution’s goals by offering challenges and support. He understands that presidents have difficult careers and need to bring their best selves to their important assignments. Having worked directly for three presidents, then later serving as a president himself, Mr. Maxey appreciates the challenges of the presidency, the need for support and encouragement, and the necessity of making and implementing thoughtful, progressive decisions.

Mr. Maxey holds a Bachelor of Arts in history from Wake Forest University. His graduate work is in counselor education, with a degree from Wake Forest and the University of New Hampshire. His volunteer service includes board terms with SACS-COC; the Council of Independent Colleges, where he served as chair; and the Network of ELCA Colleges and Universities. He has consulted with over 24 colleges and other non-profits.