Jean Floten

Senior Consultant

Jean Floten recently joined Academic Search as a Senior Consultant. During a higher education career spanning more than 40 years, Jean has served as a member of the faculty and in many administrative roles including vice president of student services, vice president of instruction, and college president. She is President Emerita of Bellevue College (Bellevue, Washington), where she was president for 22 years. Most recently, she was the founding and inaugural chancellor of WGU (Western Governors University) Washington.

Earlier this year, as chair of the Presidential Search Committee for the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities, Jean worked with Academic Search. Reflecting on the experience, Jean indicated that she was very favorably impressed with Academic Search which motivated her to pursue a position with the firm. “I am honored to join Academic Search. Their extensive recruitment and networking process yielded an abundance of well-qualified candidates for my committee. Moreover, the care they provided each candidate and the attention they gave to conducting a fair, open and ethical hiring process were, in every regard, exceptional.