Human Resources

We are passionate about the role of human resource executives – those whose mission is to develop leaders, create a culture of engaged employees, and build the right talent capabilities in a dynamic global market place. DHR fills hundreds of human resource searches annually around the world, across industries and functions. The DHR team works collaboratively, drawing from the best, most admired companies to develop and deliver stellar HR leadership. Our global perspective combined with the past corporate HR experience of our consultants, allows us to develop a thorough understanding of your company. Through our comprehensive analysis, market insight and industry knowledge, we link the ideal candidate with your company’s operational and cultural needs.

Practice members

Dwain Celistan Managing Partner Bio
Simon Chinn Consultant Bio
Clare Cizek Partner Bio
Diane Coletti Managing Partner Bio
Supriya Dikshit Managing Partner Bio
April Drury Senior Vice President of Global Talent Management Bio
Caroline Edwards Managing Partner Bio
Charlie Fang Managing Partner Bio
Ed Flowers Managing Partner Bio
Debbie Graf Executive Vice President Bio
Christine Greybe President Advisory Services Bio
Daniel Hall Partner Bio
John Hesse Managing Partner Bio
Lizette Ibarra Managing Partner Bio
Christopher Knipp Managing Partner Bio
Kristi LeBlanc Consultant Bio
Tricia Logan Managing Partner Bio
Pravesh Mehra Managing Partner Bio
Kenneth Schwenke Managing Partner Bio
Glenn Sugiyama Managing Partner Bio
Alison Tringale Consultant Bio
Kevin Weiss Partner Bio
Shannon Yin Associate Partner Bio