Our approach is different from most, as we seek to be the go-to resource for all our clients’ needs within their internal investment teams as well as their portfolio companies. Investors in the infrastructure and energy landscape are becoming increasingly nimble and innovative in evaluating new types of assets; emerging markets are becoming more attractive for investment; and pension and sovereign funds are focusing on direct investment. Therefore, we believe it is imperative that we not just know potential candidates, but to liaise with government officials, equity researchers, professors, technical consultants, and engineers. Doing so provides us with perspective into what is happening across the political and social landscapes of our specific end-market, technical advancements, and how all of the above could affect our clients’ investment theses. We generally work at the vice president level and above for our clients’ investment teams; however, given our specialization in team builds, we excel at the analyst and associate level hires as well. For our clients’ portfolio companies, we assist with organizational reviews, C-suite roles, and Board placements. We create a variety of bespoke studies, reports, and Board opinion pieces on topics ranging from diversity to compensation. We also make strategic introductions to clients looking to partner with other groups and with investment professionals who are prepared to bring a pipeline of deals to the table.