James W. Paxton

Senior Director

As Stanton Chase Baltimore’s Senior Director, Healthcare, James W. Paxton brings more than two decades of national and international search and management consulting experience to the firm. During his career, Mr. Paxton has represented a wide range of large national, regional and international healthcare provider firms, including acute and post- acute organizations, corporations, managed care organizations, assisted living companies, large hospital health systems, academic medical centers, physician practice groups, professional healthcare associations, integrated delivery networks and large retirement systems are his clients.

Among the positions he has filled are CEO, COO, key clinical quality improvement, physician devices, marketing and leadership positions for medical foundations. Prior to joining Stanton Chase, Mr. Paxton served as Senior Partner of another large search and consulting firm. Earlier, he was head of human resources for a large healthcare company with national and international operations. Mr. Paxton earned a Master’s degree in education from Old Dominion University and a Bachelor’s degree in English from the College of William and Mary.