Valerie Jabbonsky


Born and raised on her family’s third generation dairy farm, Valerie is no stranger to hard work. With her trademark grit and raw ambition, she joined Daversa in 2010 and has spent the last decade building her business in consumer tech. Joining forces with top-tier VC and PE firms like Wndrco, Spark, VMG and Andreessen Horowitz, Valerie has built management teams for some of today’s most impressive global tech businesses – Instacart, Boston Beer Company, Udemy, Quip, Otrium, and Volta Charging to name a few.

Prior to Daversa Partners, Valerie started her career in recruiting at a boutique marketing agency shortly after graduating from the University of Connecticut. At UConn, she received a BS in Economics and learned that we’d all be a little better off if Jim Calhoun ran for President.