Lisa White

Service Specialist

Lisa has been providing high-quality experiences as a Service Specialist on the Teamalytics Client Engagement Team since 2014.

The Client Engagement Team provides ongoing management and logistical support for our web- based, in-person and virtual engagements and the processes we implement to align individual and team behavior at all levels to develop the culture necessary to achieve the client’s business objectives.

Lisa’s attention to detail and the ability to anticipate client needs, along with her exceptional desire to serve, continue to exceed our client’s expectations. Lisa is an invaluable partner to the Teamalytics Coaches as they prepare and deliver our services within industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas services, retail energy, private equity, real estate, healthcare, sports and entertainment, transportation, logistics, and technology. Lisa also works closely with our Business Development team in the account management, proposal, and contracting process. In addition to her primary role, Lisa works with our accounting department as she directs and administers the accounts payable and collection functions for Teamalytics.

Lisa regularly interacts with C-Suite leaders, organizational team leaders, and their direct reports as she provides all the necessary management and logistical support needed to leverage our best-in-class behavioral analytics tools, resources, and processes.

Before coming to Teamalytics, Lisa worked 18 years in public education as a teacher and administrator, then 10 years in insurance assisting school district employees with their group benefits. After that, Lisa worked in IT, training hospital employees on their new electronic health record. She has been with Teamalytics now since 2014. Lisa received her B.S. in Secondary Education (English and Sociology) from Baylor University.

Lisa enjoys playing piano, reading, organizing spaces, and walking in her spare time. She works with women’s groups and does some writing, in addition to volunteering in the community. Lisa has two adult sons, Preston, and Philip.