Karen Gorski

Executive Assistant to Flip Flippen

Karen has provided high-quality service as an Executive Assistant to Flippen Group Founder and Chairman Flip Flippen since 2006.

Karen’s attention to detail, ability to anticipate client needs, and exceptional desire to serve to continue to exceed our client’s expectations. Karen is an invaluable teammate and partner responsible for overseeing and coordinating all of Flip Flippen’s engagements as he develops senior leaders in various industries, including Manufacturing, Financial Services, Energy/Utilities/Oil and Gas, Business Services, Health Sciences, Defense, Hospitality, and Infrastructure.

Karen regularly interacts with C-Suite leaders, organizational team leaders, and their direct reports. She provides all the necessary management, and logistical support needed to leverage our best-in-class behavioral analytics tools, resources, and processes.

Before coming to Teamalytics, Karen spent 15 years in finance as a bookkeeper for a privately held company. Karen has found practical experiences to be most beneficial throughout her career and has completed several certification courses aligned with her career goals.
Karen lives in College Station, Texas, and enjoys spending time with her six beautiful grandchildren. She also enjoys scuba diving, gardening, and traveling.