Chris White

Chief Science Officer

Dr. Chris White is a New York Times best-selling co- author and consultant, serving as the Chief Science Officer for Teamalytics. His work experience includes over 20 years as a global speaker, thought leader and devout student of humanity. Holding a Ph.D. in statistics and having performed more than 10,000 coaching sessions, he brings science and art together for one goal: solving people puzzles.

Dr. White has been honored to work with elite teams and athletes in every major sport (including the Dallas Cowboys and New York Yankees), as well as with Fortune 500 executives, military generals, and school superintendents. He also played a lead role in the development of the Flippen Profile, a renowned psychometric assessment that allows individuals and organizations to identify and address constraints that hinder performance.

And don’t let the doctor thing fool you—Chris has an above-average sense of humor for a statistician. He is a published poet, an inventor, brain surgery survivor, and former nationally ranked badminton player. In his free time, he savors adventures with his family and sitting with their dogs under the shade of an old post oak tree.