Deondra Pardue

SVP - Coaching & Team Solutions

Deondra is an exceptional and innovative operations leader who has a deep passion for developing teams, motivating others, and enhancing the culture of the workplace. She has a demonstrated history of turning multiple teams around in a variety of industry sectors leading to revenue growth and sustainability. Deondra has accomplished this by implementing strategic planning and brainstorming sessions with leaders while encouraging them to “see beyond the now” and guiding them to “push people towards their purpose.” She has over a decade of experience in leading multiple teams in a variety of states in the US in various roles including, but not limited to Sales Director, Operations Specialist, Executive Director, Vice President, President/CEO, and Board Member.

Deondra has been collaborating with Teamalytics since 2019 and has excitedly joined the team in 2021. Deondra continues to work with senior executives and leaders throughout the U.S.

Deondra resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with her loving family. She is very active in her community enjoys motivational speaking, writing, painting, traveling, coaching and watching sports.