Thomas Hall


Thomas joined Alexander Hughes Nordic Countries in 2023 bringing a solid business acumen and extensive international experience gained from roles in Consulting Engineering, Construction, Infrastructure, Energy, Accounting, Management Consulting, Legal and Media firms.

Throughout his 17 years at KPMG and COWI, Thomas played a pivotal role in Developing Corporate Culture and enhancing Top Team Effectiveness. Serving as the Director of Human Resources, Communication, Marketing, and Sales support, he acted as a trusted advisor for five different CEOs. His expertise extends to recruitment and assessment in highly competitive talent markets.

Thomas has a solid track record in Leadership Development, Succession Planning, Talent Development and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion. As a former Member of the Confederation of Danish Industry’s Diversity Committee and Global Talent Board, he actively contributed to shaping industry standards.

At Alexander Hughes he will be conducting executive search in the Professional Services, Construction, Infrastructure, Energy and Media Industries, and he will lead the Human Capital Assessment services in the Nordic countries.

Thomas hold a Master of Law from the University of Copenhagen and has a background as a lawyer. He also holds an Executive MBA and a Board member education from Copenhagen Business School. Thomas studied Leading the Professional Service Firm at Harvard Business School.

He speaks Danish, English, Swedish, Norwegian and German.