Haykel Barbouch

Managing Partner

Haykel joined Alexander Hughes in Tunis as a Managing Partner in december 2021.

Haykel is an International Consultant, expert in providing high-level market analysis for both profit and non-profit organizations in North Africa since 2007.

He started his career with Mercer, an International Human Resources firm, as North Africa Zone Leader where he was due to develop Compensation & Benefits Surveys for international companies established in North Africa. Then, he founded PAYMED Consulting expanding his audience to Not Profit Organizations.

Graduated in both Law studies and Foresight/Prospective studies, he is well equipped to provide advisory be supportive in all stage of any consulting dynamics especially in issuing Market Data based on both quantitative tools (Statistics, Business Intelligence) and qualitative ones (One-to-one meetings, Focus Group), in providing critical outlook on strategy stances and leading sensitive communication sessions with decision-makers.

Haykel speaks French, English, Arabic & Spanish