Pawel Korzynski


Pawel Korzynski is a Partner and Country President at N2Growth. Headquartered in Warsaw, he is responsible for the delivery of N2Growth’s consulting services in Poland.

Pawel began his career as a consultant in a temporary work agency. Before joining N2Growth, he spent twelve years in the recruitment industry. His experience focused on the placement of senior engineers, programmers, account managers, auditors and finance managers.

Pawel received his PhD degree from Warsaw School of Economics in Poland. He was a Visiting Fellow at Harvard University and a Visiting Scholar at INSEAD Business School. During his stay at Harvard and INSEAD, he conducted several studies related to leadership, talent search, career management, and social media. His research has been published in Harvard Business Review, Business Horizons, European Management Journal, the Journal of Business Psychology, and the International Journal of Manpower. For the past three years, Pawel has worked with Kozminski University, a leading business school in Poland where he teaches leadership courses and conducts research on leadership. His most recent research project examines the influence of digital technologies on leadership behaviors and effectiveness.

Additionally, Pawel is a member of the Academy of Management, a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of management, and in the capacity is regularly invited to speak at AOM’s annual conferences.

At his core, Pawel is driven by the process of searching for and developing future leaders. In executive search, Pawel’s excellence in attracting and engaging top talent stems from his robust international network, refined evaluation methodologies, and bespoke approach to leadership and behavior assessment. In leadership development engagements, Pawel’s success is largely attributed to his mastery of the Harvard case method, defined as “educational innovation that presents the greatest challenges confronting leading companies, nonprofits, and government organizations—complete with the constraints and incomplete information found in real business issues—and places the student in the role of the decision maker.”

Some of Pawel’s clients include Accenture, Black Red White, Business Reporting Advisory Group, Carl Zeiss, Jacqueline Riu, Medlab, Rite-Hite, and the TMF Group.