Basil Khalaf

Associate Partner

Basil Khalaf serves as a Partner for N2Growth’s executive search practice in the Middle East. Basil is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, he is responsible for optimizing N2Growth’s talent management services in the GCC and Middle East Regions.

Basil was born in Saudi Arabia and raised in the GCC and the Middle East. This provides him with a deep understanding of the region’s cultural diversities and business culture. He began his career as an Institutional Medical Representative with Astra Zeneca Pharmaceuticals before gravitating into management and business consulting. Basil received his Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Science and licensed Pharmacist, as well as an MBA in Marketing from the American University of London.

Prior to joining N2Growth, Basil spent almost 15 years in HR development talent where he gained valuable experience leading a new-millennium digital transformation project. Later he accepted a new challenge as a Managing Director of a Leadership and Educational Development firm that held significant training and development projects with Saudi Aramco.

Basil participated in business development strategies for different private and governmental organizations and was diversified between major economic sectors. His successful achievements and fast transformations in the GCC and Middle East markets with potential international partnerships, including an educational development program provided by major universities in the United States as Stanford University and Yale University. Besides the achievement awards and certificates of performance, his efforts and achievements reflected on the projects, he succeeded.

Furthermore, Basil helped many organizations to develop their social responsibility and volunteering programs, as he believes in social development. The Middle East and GCC multicultural context have significantly formed his vision and ability to work with and bring about the best in future leaders of various cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds.