Pierre-Yves Gerard

Managing Director

Pierre-Yves is Managing Director, sharing his time between Bangkok and Shanghai office and covering assignments globally in Asia for his clients, benefitting from his global knowledge of the business in the area.

Pierre-Yves has performed senior-level searches across all functions, including chief executive, VP Asia, general management with hired candidates based in China, South-East Asia and even the USA.

Pierre-Yves joined Bó Lè in China in 2010 after a 20 years corporate career with technical, sales and higher management responsibilities, having himself the experience of intensively recruiting for his own teams.

After graduating from the university with an engineering background, Pierre-Yves worked for an engineering company that specializes in hydro-powerplants projects in Taiwan and nuclear projects in Korea. After working in Singapore, he first settled in mainland China in 1996, selling industrial gases in Suzhou-Wuxi area.

His professional experience also includes selling heavy industrial equipment, nuclear engineering studies and ferro-alloys commodities.

He has been serving a vast range of clients from the energy sector, as well as petrochemical, transportation, automotive and steel plants, thus enabling him to understand the particularities of various businesses.

His last position before joining Bó Lè was VP Asian Operations based in China, in the field of premium tube production for energy and automotive sectors, with responsibility over three business units in China plus one in Korea, each with a dedicated plant.
Pierre-Yves has a Master of Science Engineering Degree from Paris School of Mines and is an alumni of Sciences-Po Paris Institute in International Relations.

He can speak Mandarin to conduct business. This gives him preferred understanding of the wide cultural aspects of doing business in China, having lived in mainland China over 11 years. With his experience, he can fine-tune searches for high-responsibility positions in China and Asia-Pacific, both for international and local clients.