Karla Dorsch

Managing Partner

Karla Dorsch is the Managing Partner at NGS Global and is based in Dubai. Ms. Dorsch has been closely associated with the Middle East for over 15 years helping to establish and launch organizations with development of their businesses in a rapidly changing environment. As a trusted partner to her clients, she has been instrumental in the recruitment of senior-level professionals in financial services, energy/infrastructure, technology and real estate to meet their talent acquisition and business goals. Building on her professional experience, Ms. Dorsch has a unique breadth of recruitment experience enabling her to quickly assess and provide expert advice on how to solve complex recruitment challenges; a service fostering long-term business relationships with clients and candidates.

Early in her career, Ms. Dorsch worked as a Regulatory and Policy Analyst at the New York Federal Reserve Bank concentrating on assessing the capital, assets, equity, liquidity and management of member banks. She then joined Merrill Lynch Investment Bank in London providing clients advice on their investment requirements and solutions. Just prior to joining NGS Global, Ms. Dorsch was the Founder and CEO of Piedmont Ltd. for over 20 years – a boutique executive search firm based in London and the UAE.

Ms. Dorsch received her undergraduate degree at Columbia University, graduating with honours. She studied for an MSc degree at the London School of Economics, and then received an MBA in Finance from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

She is an active member of the International Woman’s Forum, a dynamic network of women with diverse interests and achievements.