Working with a broad range of companies, from family-owned to (listed) multinationals, we work together with our clients on recruiting B and C-level executives in various functional areas across the world. Our consultants work closely together to ensure that the combined local and global sector knowledge and network are utilised optimally to meet our client’s requirements. In the past years, the consumer sector has been hit hard after the global economic crisis. Some survived well and emerge stronger, some lost the battle and some are still in the survival mode. Unquestionably, since the economic crisis transformations and trends are developing fast in a highly dynamic sector: expansion into new (emerging) markets, e-tailing, optimal shopper experience, digitalization, growth of private labels, Omni-channel and the increase of discounters. This requires vision and leadership of executives with different profiles than a few years ago. With our global sector presence, extensive knowledge and experience of passionate, committed consultants we are able to identify and assess the competencies needed for success in a fast-changing environment.

Practice members

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