The sector digitization & IT technology focuses on clients from a variety of different segments. These could be digitization departments or teams and subsidiaries of traditional/normal corporations as well as their IT departments, which could have a few hundred but also a few thousand employees. Another field of expertise is the vendor industry of technology products, solutions and services: e.g. software, hardware, IT-services, consultancies, advisories and combined solution providers. A third category covers all telecommunications companies and their associated pre- and post-economy. Our clients range from medium-sized, owner-run companies and start-ups with sometimes just a handful of employees through to international market leading groups with 200,000+ employees.

Practice members

Bjorn Agotnes Managing Partner Bio
Oliver Badura Chief Operating Officer (COO) Bio
Dr. Monika Becker Business Unit Director & Sector Head IT & Digitalization Bio
Guillermo Cepeda Managing Partner Bio
Wojciech Ducki Managing Partner Bio
Thomas Edlbergmeier Business Unit Manager Bio
Erika Gombos Managing Partner Bio
Ralf Hager Managing Partner Bio
Ingo Kasten Business Unit Manager Bio
Martin Krill Managing Partner Bio
Olli Oittinen Regional Director Bio
Andrey Philippov Managing Partner Bio
Peter Radlingmayr Managing Partner Bio
Palle Rasmussen Managing Partner Bio
Juan Schaer Managing Partner Bio
Sándor Székely Managing Partner Bio
Charles Taylor Managing Partner Bio
Agnes Virag Partner and Senior Consultant Bio
L. Weymouth-Wilson Managing Partner Bio
Ville Wiro Managing Partner, Country Manager Bio