The industrial leaders are confronted with a world changing from day to day under substantial influence from political events, confrontations, financial crises, shortage of natural resources and an increasing need for stability, energy, and supply. At the same time the emerging markets with large populations have drawn attention. These markets have increasing needs and demands for infrastructure, know-how, production, and trade in order to develop. The landscape is changing – and the opportunities and challenges with them.

The industry sector in general is facing increasing demands for vital leadership, innovation, change management, efficiency, strategic and customer orientation, and the development of new capacities to meet the entire variety of future demands.

Ward Howell International offers support to deal with these challenges – within strategic leadership consulting all over the world – from corporate development and talent management to interim services and executive search.

We offer a modern range of professional consulting services to our clients, individually defined to meet your specific needs in the industry sector in your markets.

Our consultants working with WHI strategic leadership consulting are all able to address and support issues concerning e.g. strategic project sustainability, change management, performance improvement and operational efficiency in basic and new industries, energy organizations, infrastructure companies, supply chain and procurement, distribution and services, chemical and process industries as well as capital and electric organizations. The consultants place at your disposal a deep knowledge of industry and practical experience gained through client engagements as well as prior experience serving as executives or consultants in the industrial sector.

WHI Executive Search is at the frontline of the global and financial changes and the following demands in the future. The industrial sector is one of our most important focus areas. Our consultants identify and assess board members and candidates for the top three managerial levels.

Our executive search partners all represent a long and solid experience and have access to a comprehensive network of international contacts and resources.

Practice members

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Natalie Bairaktaridis Managing Partner Austria Bio
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Vito Gioia Partner & Managing Director Italy Bio
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