The global information technology industry is an enormous business with a volume of US$ 5 trillion in 2019, according to IDC. Coping with digitization, innovation, and speed of technology changes is of paramount importance for any organization regardless the industry or sector.

Technology markets are dominated by the US and China, representing 31% and 26% of the global business.

The search for executive talent for the for C-level within companies is very different as compared to searches for front-line professionals. Success requires a particular kind of talent and plenty of specialized experience. Executive talent is the differentiator, as technology and engineering firms seek the best executive talent to lead their businesses into this fast-developing landscape. As executive search recruiters it is becoming more important than ever to find executive leaders and senior management with global competencies all over the globe. To find the best-suited candidates with the right capabilities, the search process must be conducted on an international scale. This increases the candidate pool, but it also increases the complexity of the assessment process. Ward Howell partners are – based on our unique organizational structure – ideally positioned to cope with these requirements.

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