"A management assessment carried out by Ward Howell is based on our view, that experience is the key to a proper assessment of a manager. Our approach is based on appropriate respect for all the members of your company’s management team. We don’t test whether a manager can cope with the stress of an audit, neither do we categorize your managers according to certain management types. A management assessment using the methods developed by Ward Howell is always tailored to the particular company concerned. Intensive scrutiny of the client’s strategy and intentions provides a basis for designing the interviews, putting together the team of advisors and structuring the results. The members of management undergoing the audit have plenty of opportunities to engage in a critical dialogue about their strengths and weaknesses, past and current performance and future prospects. A multi-perspective approach is taken throughout. Ward Howell does not apply psychometric testing, because we base our evaluation on the experience of the interview team. The main process consists of two interviews lasting several hours, by advisors with distinctly different backgrounds in terms of specialist experience and provenance. The interviews focus not just on the individuals concerned, but also on their interaction with their environment, their colleagues, superiors, and other working partners. Thus an overall picture emerges of how well prepared your company is for facing up to its strategic challenges."

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