For both in-house legal functions and law firms, excellence in legal expertise is now merely a starting point. For the internal legal team, new business models, a global marketplace, more aggressive shareholder activism, and greater concern over cybersecurity and data privacy have brought a host of new risks to manage. The general counsel now must be as nimble and innovative as the rest of the executive committee, helping them move the business forward while at the same time mitigating threats.

Law firms face a different set of pressures, with firm economics being challenged by new legal service providers and other expectations from clients, forcing firms to redefine the value they add, their structures, and their fee arrangements. Partners in law firms must evolve, and the executive committees must have a higher level of strategic capability than ever before.

Egon Zehnder’s Legal, Regulatory & Compliance Professionals Practice works closely with both in-house legal functions and law firms to help them navigate these challenges. Our global network of more than 450 consultants in 68 offices worldwide works with boards and CEOs to recruit general counsels with the range of experiences and competencies needed to be impactful members of corporate leadership teams. We also help build out legal functions and design succession and development plans so that the entire function can operate as a sustainable, cohesive unit. Because we have been hired directly from industry or law firms, we know how much is on the line — and we partner with you to find the right solution to your leadership needs.

For law firms, our consultants work with partner committees, practice group leaders, and others to navigate the new requirements of leadership. We provide in-depth analysis of competence frameworks, team dynamics, assessment, and individualized coaching to maximize leadership effectiveness. We understand that in this fast-moving environment, change is the only constant.

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