Asset Management

The field of asset management is transforming rapidly. A clear convergence is under way, as historically separate areas of traditional and alternative investment management come together. At Egon Zehnder, we serve the full community of both asset managers and asset owners, covering major multiproduct and service firms, investment boutiques focused on delivering specific streams of alpha or beta, as well as institutional asset owners covering both sovereign wealth funds and family offices.

As the sector transforms and asset managers seek to defend their positions and continue to grow and evolve, we believe that firms need to become more open to identifying and integrating leaders from other sectors to spur innovation. For example, successful active managers are already embracing the use of data analytics, machine learning, and AI to inform decision-making, attracting best-in-class talent on a global basis.

Egon Zehnder can help access this game-changing array of talent. Our privileged global position — 68 offices spanning 40 countries, with more than 450 consultants worldwide —offers greater reach than boutique firms as well as a deeper insight into local talent pools, with our deep industry experience providing insights as to how the pieces fit together. We have led many CEO and C-suite searches and assessments for leading asset management firms, as well as for critical alpha-generating portfolio managers and analysts.

Clients often cite our seamless global approach as a key advantage. We’re gratified by other recent client feedback as well: “They display humanity,” “they understand us as individuals,” and “we work together well.” This indicates we are succeeding in our mission of helping clients “Experience True Partnership,” something that we would like to share with you as well.

Practice members

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