FinTech represents the intersection of technology solutions and digital innovation with financial services requirements and a whole lot more. At Egon Zehnder, our FinTech Practice includes core technology (development, operations, infrastructure), payments and processing, transaction services, and related hardware, software, and services, as well as emerging fields such as Blockchain, artificial intelligence, and data analytics.

We are extremely proud of our global FinTech body of work in the above areas as well as across public and private-equity-backed companies. Because we hire consultants directly from industry, our people can quickly grasp the nuances of client needs. We understand how to cross-pollinate ideas across sectors, but at the same time have the industry perspective to understand that the same model won’t work everywhere.

Finding the right talent to drive FinTech innovation requires casting a wide net. Our proprietary Innovation Quotient diagnostic, developed in conjunction with Paradox Strategies, assesses an organization’s ability and willingness to innovate, a key factor in the rapidly changing FinTech environment. Supported by more than 450 consultants across 68 offices in 40 countries — and using our unique collaboration model — we are confident in our ability to partner with you to identify both existing and potential FinTech talent and to maximize your teams’ effectiveness.

Practice members

Raphaël Czuwak Partner/Global Lead, Global Financial Services Practice Bio
Francisco Paret Partner, US Lead Financial Services Practice Bio
Birgit Storz Global Co-Leader FinTech Segment Bio