Supply Chain

What began as “digital transformation” has morphed into something much larger—a drive to connect every aspect of an enterprise so that everything from planning and procurement to manufacturing, sales, distribution, and customer experience work together as a seamless, continually improving organism. Great organizations are those that approach this task in innovative ways—and invariably, that innovation comes down to rethinking the supply chain and operations. Supply chain and operations leaders are now positioned squarely at the center of business strategy. They need to be able to seize opportunities, forge strategic alliances internally and externally, and be a full business partner to the rest of the C-suite.

We are proud to have helped build nearly two-thirds of Gartner’s top 25 supply-chain organizations from the ground up. We draw on this track record and knowledge—and our own consultants’ personal experience as supply-chain leaders—to help our clients rethink role specifications and organizational structures, and to map a plan for transforming their function. With 68 offices in 40 countries, our global network allows us to reach across industries and geographies to find and recruit the best supply-chain and operations leaders for today’s requirements, as well as those with the potential to grow with the function as it continues its rapid pace of change.

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