The settling of oil prices, and the slow but inexorable shift to less reliance on hydrocarbons, has recalibrated the economics of energy. These developments have set off a large-scale transformation across the entire value chain as traditional energy producers, utilities, clean tech companies, and services firms restructure themselves and the relationships among them for this new world. Regardless of their place in this ecology, energy leaders must make their organizations more cost-effective and innovative while absorbing rapid change in technology, geopolitics, and stakeholder sentiment. This requires new, and different, leadership.

At Egon Zehnder, our Energy Practice works closely across the entire industry to support boards, CEOs, and their teams in creating personalized leadership solutions. Our command of shifting industry dynamics allows us to rethink the experiences and competencies needed around the boardroom table, on the executive committee, and in the leadership succession pipeline, and then to help companies identify, attract, and develop the talent they need to remain competitive. To do so, our consultants, hired from industry, draw upon their operating experience not just in energy but in technology and manufacturing.

We also work closely with our colleagues in those and other sectors, such as Digital and Chemicals. Proprietary diagnostic tools, including our board effectiveness review, team effectiveness programs, and our potential model for assessing the ability to thrive in the face of change, help provide insight into the group dynamics and core personal qualities that create high-performing boards, teams, and leaders.