Oil & Gas

After years of strong returns, the chemical and process industries face a period of turbulence: slowing growth in China and elsewhere, a post-consolidation reshuffling of product portfolios, and unpredictable changes in feedstock cost and availability. But there are many opportunities as well, most notably in the promise of digital to increase productivity across the entire organization, from procurement to sales and marketing.

To lead in this environment, boards and senior executives must master supply chains, processes, costs, and sales and marketing and have the vision to build partnerships and place high-risk bets on fast-moving markets and emerging technologies. This change means that companies must rethink the talent they need and their recruitment, development, and compensation strategies.

At Egon Zehnder, we are proud to be home to the chemical and process industries’ preeminent leadership advisory practice. Our clients range from small specialty firms to global enterprises and are publicly held, privately backed, and family-owned. Our team of experts understands — from personal experience and ongoing conversations with senior leaders like you — the challenges the industries now face.

We help companies transform their business by assessing and developing leaders who can instill a culture of both innovation and personal and professional growth. We work closely with you to optimize board performance, manage organizational transformation, and plan CEO and senior executive succession.

The length of our client relationships, some of which have lasted for more than two decades, gives us a long-term perspective to transformational leadership solutions. We look forward to building the same long-term partnership with you.