Hunt Scanlon’s 10 Most Popular Recruiting Stories of 2016

December 29, 2016 – As the most widely read single source of news and information in the human capital sector, Hunt Scanlon Media had quite a reputation to live up to this year. Our editorial, social media and brand development teams produced hundreds of stories in 2016 – all geared to our massive audience of CHROs, talent acquisition professionals and executive recruiters.

Our mission – as it has been for more than 27 years – is to inform, engage and connect the talent management community and we do that through storytelling. Over the course of nearly three decades our methods of reaching you have changed dramatically. Today, through enhanced search engine optimization, we feature consistently on the first pages of Google News, key networks on LinkedIn Pulse and in an array of talent management sources around the world. But it is our exclusive daily Newswire that everyone turns to in order to keep up with the latest news, trends, and market intelligence. We now reach 18.5 million top players throughout the talent management sector each year in more than 55 countries. We are a company made up of young and up-and-coming superstars, no question about it.

Based on analytics collated from our website and our partners at Google and LinkedIn, we now present our 10 most popular stories of 2016. Not surprisingly, our No. 1 top-rated story surveyed women and their rising dominance in the CHRO suite. For that insight, we thank researchers from Korn Ferry and expert commentary from Alan Guarino, a vice chairman at the firm. Our second most highly read story analyzed the subject of competing for talent in the 21st century. We thank our friends at Deloitte Consulting for that one. Our No. 3 ranked story looked down the barrel of Brexit – arguably the biggest international news item we covered in 2016. Its likely impact on executive recruiters hasn’t happened yet, but it will.

The other seven most popular items include a stellar interview with KF CEO Gary Burnison on his attempt to refashion a global talent leadership brand; an examination of Millennials in the workplace; a review of diversity hiring initiatives; a key industry resignation; an analysis of expanding revenue streams at a talent sector leader; an audit of employee engagement practices; and an important look at the shift taking place in HR roles and why data-driven CHROs are in hot demand.

In case you missed these incredibly important stories in 2016, here they are. What a year!


Women Rise to Dominate CHRO Roles, But Falter On Path to CEO
Women Now Comprise a Quarter of the C-Suite. According to Just-Released Analytics From Korn Ferry, Most Get There By Holding CHRO Positions. Industry Experts Weigh In On Why This Is Happening and How More Women Can Gain Access. . .

How Companies Plan to Compete for Talent In the 21st Century
A New Report From Deloitte Consulting Shows That CEOs and HR Leaders Are Teaming Up — and Throwing Out the Old Playbook On How to Compete for Critical Talent. Here’s a Look Inside Deloitte’s Latest Research . . .

Executive Search Fallout from Brexit Could Run Wide and Deep
There’s a Crisis Slowly Unfolding at Executive Search Firms Across London. But the Reverberations are Also Being Felt as Far Away as Chicago and Los Angeles, Home to the Recruiting Sector’s Two Publicly Held Talent Giants . . .

Why Korn Ferry’s CEO Thinks We All Need to Adapt to Change
The Words ‘Transformation’ and ‘Korn Ferry’ Seem to be Interchangeable These Days. In This Exclusive and Wide Ranging Interview With Search Industry Leader Gary Burnison, We Are Taken Inside Korn Ferry Like Never Before . . .

Here Are Five Types of Millennials You Need to Know
From Principled Planners and Driven Techies to Instinctive Explorers, ‘Real Worlders’ and Thrill Seekers, We Take a Look at the Rising Influence of Millennials. And In a Related Podcast, search veteran Smooch S. Reynolds Tells Us All Why Millennials are in the Driver’s Seat – and There to Stay! . . .

MLB Ends Minority Hiring Partnership With Korn Ferry
Major League Baseball and Korn Ferry Forged a Tight Relationship in 2015 to Give Minority and Female Candidates a Better Chance to Land Higher Visibility Positions. But in 2016 Their Relationship Shifted. Both Sides Acknowledged Conflicts Based on the Search Firm’s Work for League Teams . . .

Mike Hammond Resigns as CEO of Sheffield Haworth
Parting Words on Brexit: Recruiting Leader Says Executive Search Firms, Particularly Those With Financial Services Exposure In London and Europe, Will Have Difficult Months Ahead Now That the U.K. Has Pulled Out of the EU. Let’s Take a Closer Look at What Else He Has to Say . . .

Korn Ferry Posts 43 Percent Revenue Gain
Growth at the Largest Talent Advisory Services Firm Is at the Moment Primarily Driven by Its Acquisition of Hay Group as Recruiting Revenues Remain Essentially Flat. Here, We Go Inside the Latest Numbers . . .

Failure to Develop, Engage and Retain Talent Is Growing
Companies Generally Seem to Lack Channels of ‘Continuous Improvement’ Leading Many Employees to Feel Disengaged. Hunt Scanlon Looks at What It Takes to Truly Retain Your Best Talent and Why Companies are Failing . . .

Data-Driven CHROs In Demand As Role Shifts In Complexity
As HR Role Shifts, the Most Sought-After CHRO Is a Data-Driven, Strategic Leader Who Demonstrates Business Savvy, Creativity and Innovation. Here’s Why . . .


Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief, Hunt Scanlon Media

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