Hunt Scanlon Media’s2022 Private Equity Recruiting Report

Winning the Talent Game is the No. 1 priority for private equity firms and their portfolios. As a result, a transformative shift is happening in PE recruiting – with an emphasis on new drivers, including culture, diversity & inclusion, and engagement.

According to this latest global private equity research report from Hunt Scanlon, these are just some of the new levers private equity talent leaders are pulling on to unleash higher levels of leadership performance. Their aim: To find new and sustainable ways to enhance value, growth, results, and returns.

For private equity firms and their portfolios, competitive advantage is rooted in winning the talent game. That happens when resources, tools, and recruiting partners combine to create a rigorous, comprehensive go-to-market strategy for talent.

If you are a PE managing director, operating partner, talent leader or executive recruiter specializing in private equity, this report is designed specifically for you.

Price: $275