Stacey Mainiero

Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Stacey manages and oversees daily global corporate activity along with maximizing the operational performance of the firm and providing the support and efficient process basis for the ongoing rapid growth of ZRG.

Stacey brings 20 years of leadership experience, in both finance and operational roles.

Prior to joining ZRG, Stacey held a senior level operations position with Korn Ferry. She managed the largest North American office and oversaw the North East Region which comprised over 70% of the North American retained recruiting revenue. While at Korn Ferry, Stacey received the Excellence Recognition Award for her strategic and visionary insight.

Stacey’s areas of expertise come from a combination of her exemplary systems and financial background, along with her machine like operational efficiency. These strengths allow her to optimize operations, control costs and improve processes, in order to improve profitability while providing an elevated level of service.

  • CEO/President