Jamey Seely

Senior Advisor

Jamey Seely is one of today’s singular corporate executives who simultaneously hold business and legal roles, currently serving as President and General Counsel of Integra, Inc., a leading developer of blockchain technology for the legal industry. Her breadth of executive and industry experience reflects her high-level positions in multiple global, publicly traded companies across the energy, technology, and industrial sectors. A deep background in the energy sector includes oil and gas services, manufacturing, IP development and management, retail energy, electricity and power, coal, nuclear, solar, wind, and electric vehicle projects. Jamey’s expertise in the industrial sector is in manufacturing, sales, and IP development and management across the heavy industrial, robotics, construction, agriculture, energy, automotive, and transportation industries.

Serving as Executive Vice President and General Counsel of the Gates Industrial Corporation PLC (NYSE: GTES), a global leader in power transmission and fluid power products and services, she led a successful IPO. While Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at ION Geophysical, Inc. (NYSE: IO), a global technology company, Jamey managed all financing arrangements, mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, partnerships and strategic alliances, and the bond restructuring of the company’s debt.

Jamey also served as Senior Vice President of Alternative Energy for NRG Energy, Inc. (NYSE: NRG), with management and legal oversight of multiple new business and startup ventures related to enhanced oil recovery, solar power, and nuclear project development. She was previously Vice President and General Counsel at Direct Energy, and a corporate and securities partner in the international law firm of Thompson & Knight LLP.