David Contreras


  • 3 Years of Global Health recruiting and coaching
  • 4 Years of program and network development

David joined Chasm while pursuing a Master of Public Health and a Master of Healthcare Administration at the University of Utah. Before attending school, he was abroad working to provide sustainable access to healthcare in Uganda, Nepal, and Romania. He enjoyed recruiting and training multidisciplinary teams to live abroad and assist areas recovering from natural disaster and civil war. After returning to the United States, David worked at Stanford Cancer Center to help strategically grow their network.

In his young career, David has strived to live by a mantra of “turn outward and serve.” For him, healthcare is not just a business. People are valuable, and healthcare provides the opportunity to advocate and protect their well-being. Chasm is an opportunity that allows him to utilize his operational experience to work on a team contributing to companies who are invested in improving the lives of others through innovative advancements in social determinants of health. David recently completed an administrative fellowship with Northwell Health in New York.

Aside from healthcare, David can be found teaching tap and clogging, singing with chamber choirs in NYC, and skiing every chance he gets.