Recently Launched Carpe Diem Partners Expands

January 3, 2019 – Recognized as one of the “Most Powerful Women in California” by the National Diversity Council, Mona Ameli has joined newly formed executive search firm Carpe Diem Partners.

She will lead the diversity & inclusion practice and serve as a managing partner.

“With the addition of Mona to our team, Carpe Diem Partners becomes the only certified D&I executive search firm by the National Diversity Council, allowing clients to receive D&I services and insights from the boardroom to deep into the business,” said Jeff DeFazio, founder and managing partner of Carpe Diem Partners.

Formerly global president of Medifast-Optavia, Ms. Ameli is an accomplished C-suite and cross-functional executive. She has 23 years of progressive experience building multinational consumer packaged goods and lifestyle brands, reaching every major region in the world with deep expertise turning around large businesses, in both public and private environments.

During her career, Ms. Ameli has served in various executive roles with Belcorp, Shaklee Corp., Natural Alternatives International, Herbalife and Williams Worldwide Television.  Recognized twice as one of the most influential women in the direct selling industry, Ms. Ameli is multi-cultural, multi-lingual (fluent in four languages) and was chair of the Diversity & Empowerment Council of the Direct Selling Association board of directors for three consecutive terms.

Diversity Recruiting: Supply, Demand and the Matchmaking Process  

Hunt Scanlon Media recently released its latest issue of ESR. The newsletter provides an in-depth look at diversity recruiting – what drives it, why it’s not a social crusade, and how it matters in every workplace. According to ESR, diversity starts at the top – and that oftentimes means in the boardroom. Diverse boards make better decisions and lead to improved company performance. But boards are failing to reflect society as a whole. What is the problem? Hunt Scanlon Media supplies some answers.

As you might expect, building cultures that will not tolerate discrimination but instead promote diversity – and recruiting talent that reflects this – is the challenge facing every recruiter and talent acquisition leader today. The #MeToo movement is also leaving its mark on recruiting, and in this issue that is examined as well. Five incoming chief diversity officers making a big difference by putting a special emphasis on diversity are also highlighted. Get the free issue now!

“Mona’s deep operating experience in global executive leadership roles, consulting in D&I as well as cultural transformation work are natural extensions of the discussions our clients are already having with us when solving their most complex leadership imperatives,” said Mr. DeFazio. “The consideration set for hiring world-class leaders is becoming more complex requiring our partners to engage more strategically when advising and shaping leadership and/or governance mandates. Being nationally certified in D&I, culture and leadership assessment capability gives clients and boards the needed assurance professional standards and approach are being delivered.”

Newly Launched Firm

Launched last month, Carpe Diem Partners is a boutique consultancy focused on talent management and acquisition for board members, chief executives and senior-level executives. The firm advises public, private and investor-backed companies on leadership imperatives. It is headquartered in San Francisco, with a national presence and global experience in all regions.

Mr. DeFazio is a former board member, CEO, CMO and executive search leader. An analytical strategist, he has over the last decade built a reputation for benchmark results and collaboration with clients. Previously, he was managing partner and global digital practice leader for Boyden. Prior to that, he was managing partner of Heads! Executive Consultancy. Earlier in his career, Mr. DeFazio was global digital practice leader for CTPartners and West Coast practice leader at Egon Zehnder.

“At Carpe Diem our purpose is to solve, in record time, a client’s most crucial leadership challenges, delivering the best and most qualified leaders who can transform organizations and cultures,” Mr. DeFazio said. “What truly sets Carpe Diem Partners apart is a more aligned performance-based fee structure that drives team behavior, efficiently faster delivery, a fully transparent end to end process, unbiased assessments, and more critical today, being the only board and C-suite executive search firm nationally certified in diversity & inclusion.”

“Given the national focus and California’s pioneering legislative mandate on board diversity, Carpe Diem Partners brings a more rigorous process and trusted results in the selection process for boards, nominating committees and CEOs,” Mr. DeFazio said.

Contributed by Scott A. Scanlon, Editor-in-Chief; Dale M. Zupsansky, Managing Editor; Stephen Sawicki, Managing Editor; and Andrew W. Mitchell, Managing Editor – Hunt Scanlon Media

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