Richard Moore

Executive Vice President, Central Talent

Richard Moore is an Executive Vice President in Mercuri Urval. He is a member of the Executive Committee with commercial responsibility for consultants and managers globally. The team he leads works to build the capabilities and performance of all consultants and leaders in Mercuri Urval.

Additionally, Richard is responsible for our International Business Office and this work sees him developing and implementing Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and Talent Advisory solutions for our clients worldwide.

Prior to joining Mercuri Urval, Richard worked for Wal-Mart in Retail Operations and Human Resources. Since then he has worked for Mercuri Urval. In his role as a consultant Richard has worked on a large number of global programmes with clients.

He has mostly focused on enhancing sales, team and leader performance. In his time at Mercuri Urval Richard has lead teams locally and globally and lived and worked internationally from home bases in London, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Richard has served on Company Boards in the US and Germany, lead corporate re-structuring programmes, run product development teams and managed teams world-wide. Richard has extensive experience in developing operating models and compensation systems.