Louis Freda

Managing Partner

Mr. Louis A. Freda is the Managing Director – Executive Search Division at Tri-Search LLC. Lou’s talent acquisition career began at one of the big five executive search firms. He created a business from the ground up and became one of the two highest billing consultants during his tenure. Lou captured and retained his client base from the big five firm, and Lou built two highly successful boutique firms. as a Principle and Partner.  Leadership is at the core of Lou’s business foundation having served as a Vice President of Human Resources and contributing member on several executive leadership councils at Fortune 500 companies. His responsibilities were to formulate and lead the strategic direction of the companies, and mentor large global HR teams. Throughout his consultative and corporate career, he has conducted talent acquisition projects from C-Level to individual cutting-edge technology contributors. These projects are across the spectrum of all the functional disciplines of– technology, finance, sales/marketing, manufacturing operations, engineering, human resources and field service operations.