Dusty McClung

Vice President, Client Success

Dusty has 20+ years of experience committed to building extraordinarily talented teams in the Aviation, Aerospace and Commercial Space sectors.

As a prominent expert in building high-performance leadership teams, Dusty has extensive knowledge of the most advanced leadership solutions.  His vast network and experience with top leadership in Aviation, Aerospace, and Commercial Space allows him to quickly access the extraordinary leadership that always builds winning teams and market leading companies.

Dusty’s knowledge of managing talent as a primary asset for ROI makes him a sought-after strategic consultant to top C-level executives – those that recognize talent as the most important competitive weapon.

As a successful business owner/entrepreneur, Dusty has direct experience securing exceptional leadership that delivers consistent high-performance business outcomes.

Dusty and his wife, Shanna, live in Texas with their son and daughter, Kaden and Avery. Dusty enjoys fishing, hunting and spending time in the gym watching his kids play basketball.