The global technology market is growing at lightning speed, replacing industrialization as the world’s driving force of productivity and change. Groundbreaking advances in digital are impacting all types of commerce and customer/supplier engagement. Data is becoming a competitive weapon for the enterprise. Companies are just beginning to harness the power of analytics and machine learning.

These fundamental shifts are putting technology companies and companies steeped in technology squarely at the forefront of the new economy. In order to compete and thrive, the expertise and efficiency of an organization must advance ahead of the rate of change that the organization desires. Talent will be the differentiator.

We help our clients address the unique challenges of the global technology market. We help companies strategically design their organizations - the structure, roles, and responsibilities - to seize opportunities presented by new advances in technology and data delivery.

We help them select and hire the talent they need to execute their strategy. And we show them the best way to identify, attract, develop, and retain the dynamic people who will confidently lead their organizations into this bright technological future.

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Werner Penk President, Technology Bio