Market disruption by highly innovative start-ups, continued consolidation by large, established players, and increasing regulatory and compliance oversight influence requires unique leadership for Fintech success. Constant industry change demands forward-thinking leaders who can pivot, evolve and build smart strategies to stay ahead.

Whether a public company that needs to attract and retain top talent or a private equity-backed organization looking for proven, nimble leadership, our global consultants are strategically positioned to help organizations identify their C-Suite and functional talent, drive development, accelerate readiness, and reduce risk during transition.


The Banking Technology function has transformed from just providing behind-the-scenes infrastructure to offering more customer-centric solutions for banks to more fully engage with the end user. The leadership requirements for all these companies is unique, and the most successful executives in this transformative environment need to balance technical understanding with traditional management skills and vision, with a deep understanding of the end user.


Today's environment calls for leaders who can reinvent the trading structure, think strategically, manage risk, and drive more efficient execution in middle office and back office processing. They must be highly learning agile and embody a diverse and rare combination of skills, including high integrity, creativity, innovation, commitment to excellence, and entrepreneurialism. As competition to provide greater efficiency while leveraging technology increases, the selection, development and recruitment of these leaders must be a top organizational priority – and an essential part of any successful business strategy.