Shifting labor trends, sourcing manufacturing locations, fluctuating costs, intellectual property concerns, and the impact of government regulations are all prime considerations when looking for comprehensive organizational solutions built to drive growth in a slow-growth industrial world.

Skill sets that worked five to ten years ago are not the same ones needed today – or five to ten years from now. Smart, forward-thinking leaders who understand market dynamics and can think strategically and act decisively are difficult to find and develop, and critical to attract and retain.

Korn Ferry's Industrial team is the largest in the sector, uniquely positioned to meet the people and organizational needs of the world’s industrial companies — from organizational design to rewards and benefits, leadership development, assessment and succession, and talent acquisition.

With an unmatched combination of global presence and local knowledge, we understand the changing demands of globalization, technology, mobility, and innovation throughout an organization. And we have the data, technology, and expertise to apply solutions that address current concerns and challenges while identifying leadership potential, driving development, accelerating readiness, and energizing transitions.

Practice members

Yannick Binvel President for the Global Industrial Markets Bio
Pascal Gibert Co-President of EMEA Bio